6 to 7.5 ft Ribbons and a 4" wide 5 ft 24K gold


An Alternate with the 5 ft Gold


Simple and Elegant with the 5 ft Gold

How Ribbons are Installed ~ it's Easy.


Some people have trouble envisioning a ribbon arrangement-- so here is a good example of how I usually install the ribbons:

First the client's wall is measured, and a couple of mock ups of the ribbons are created to fit the space by laying them out at my studio where I can photograph them and send photos to the client.

I then make a couple of templates of the placement of the ribbons on a sheet of plastic to show the client. At the client's wall space-- I again lay them out horizontally on a clean floor surface in the figuration to show them.  If they like that, I'll put the templates up on the wall and they can choose one.

If they like what they see-- We start to install the ribbons over the plastic.  The ribbons are literally “springloaded" up on the walls in between opposing sturdy nails— they are very securely in place.  After we get them all up and all looks good— we just pull away the plastic from underneath...

And Voila! Art! It is fun, and everyone always has a good time!

A Quick Story: How Ribbons came about...

I can thank my dear Mother for the inspiration.  When I was a child, for holidays-- she would place the most delicious looking ribbon candy in a decorative glass bowl.  We could look at it-- but not eat it!  This was torture for a kid-- and I have always thought that these ribbons were unrequited ribbon candy that I could not get off my mind.                                               

(This photo is from the Vermont Country Store.  Contact them for the real thing.) 

My new transparent Ribbons are Eye Candy that will make your mouth water!


Inventory and Size Comparison


The largest Ribbons are 7 ft . Next are 6 ft, 3.5 ft and 33"

There is an opportunity for an "Instant Art" installation:   this work just takes and hour and a half to install on average for a 12 ft tall by 8 ft work.

For Galleries: An Easy Way to Store Ribbons


Simply hang on nails! Ribbons may look fragile, but are not as fragile as framed art. I have sold hundreds of ribbons through galleries and designers. Transport has never been a problem.

The Ribbons above are 27 years old.

Not sure how they were broken-- this can happen if they are stepped on in storage.  The larger part was added to a wild display.  The smaller part stayed with me over the years, and was outside mostly, moved around without any consideration-- generally abused.  I can only tell one from the other by looking at the top surface in the right light.  It could be buffed up and only the deepest scratches would remain.  

I avoid bringing in framed in glass or plexi works to galleries due to damage they may have.  But, Ribbons are very sturdy-- even though they look fragile.  For designers:  just a bit of bubble wrap is needed for transport in a van loaded with other art.  No worries.

Color details