Ocean Escape Panel works-- 3-D Standoffs in large scale...


This mockup  below (of 4 identical sections) is meant to represent 4 DIFFERENT 24 x 48” panels placed tightly together to create a 48 x 96” wall sculpture. 

The panels are on 1/4” acrylic, and mounted on discrete standoffs which elevate the art from the wall about 1.5” and allow the light to pass through the semi transparent resin pigments. These are abstract minimalist representations of a subject which is easy to decipher— the beach. 

This is designed to elicit memories of pleasant time spent at the beach. Specifically a tropical beach like Cabo San Lucas. 

Who does not have happy memories of a carefree afternoon spent at the beach? The brain is structured with a reward system that— when a pleasant memory is recalled— it is like reliving the original moment. 

Additionally the transparency runs 3/4” deep— with resin iridescence which provides interest for the eyes that is not available in a printed product. A beautiful, mesmerizing work of art.

Proposal for a 4 Panel Ocean Inspired Work-- 48" x 96"


"Ocean Escape": Ombre Blends of Transparent Ocean Blue Colors in actual 3D, with standoffs.

Proposal for Ocean Escape 2


Imagine this as a 48 x 96 color field-- 3 or 4 panels elevated from the wall 2" with standoffs

The theme again being a mental escape to a beautiful transparent ocean like environment such as Cabo San Lucas... This is available as a 2-D back printed artwork as a limited edition-- or as a much more luminous and transparent 3-D original work of art.  

White Pearl and 24K Gold Leaf Panel Example


Elegant Sacred Art panels are on the horizon...


A Floating Mural

On the Horizon:

This is a 2 x 2 ft panel section from a proposed 6 panel section.  

It stands out from the wall about 4" and the play of light through the transparent areas contrasts to the shadows cast on the wall.  


A Detail of Floating Murals Panels in progress


About the "Creative Energy" works...

These are some of my most difficult pieces...

The name of this style is actually "California Light and Shadow"-- and these works are Monoprints which are airbrushed to look 3-D.  There is no actual 3-D-- they are faux art.  I pulled these Monoprints by hand using a "Printing Press" and 96# of pressure (my weight.)   Monoprints are one of a kind-- a painting in oil which is done on top of plexiglass-- then printed onto paper.  I than further embellished by hand with airbrushing.  These can be reproduced in limited editions in sizes up to 48" vertical height.

Creative Energy #4



or-- if you would prefer-- more color.  Available any size as standoff on acrylic flat panels.

Works in progress...


On the Horizon...

More colorful Creative Energy panels with more faux and actual depth...


Ideas for Medical Illustration

For HealthCare and Educational Facilities


A detail of the Ocean panels...

The 3-D transparency has to be seen in person-- it is mesmerizing!

Representational Art on the Horizon...


I painted over 350 bird illustrations for enclosures for the San Diego Zoo, and 150 for the Denver Zoo.  I may be able to revive a style I once used again...


Future work includes large panels of Lotus blossoms.  The Zen Monk Thich Nhat Hahn gives inspiration for this with his quote:
"No Mud...     No Lotus."

Detail of Abstract works in a Frame...