Eye Candy~ Currently Available Works


And now for something completely different: Ribbons can also be representations of musical phrases... Do you love Jazz like I do? What is a good title for this piece? Ain't Misbehavin'? This is approximately 4.5 x 6 ft. Ribbons can be configured in any number of ways...

Currently Available Jazz Inspired Ribbons


Wu Wei Ribbons~ The Fine Art of Sailing through Life


Wu Wei means "effortless action"... or not forcing.

The British Philosopher Alan Watts explained it is like earning to Sail rather than having to row.  He says that rather than going against Nature, sailing requires that you "flow through Nature effortlessly".  What a wonderful thought to have in mind as you see the art each day: “We are in harmony with Nature~ and sailing through life effortlessly.”

"Wall Jewelry": Smaller Sculptures...


These fixed ribbon sculptures have a single point of suspension-- ready to hang without installation by myself or a professional service. Available at select Jewelry Stores.  Each are custom designed--  with  actual 24K gold leafing, and are more elaborate with higher profiles to the Ribbons. These are my most difficult works to do~ hence a higher retail.  


Currently Available: Tiffany Blue and Sterling Silver