About My 32 Professional years as an Artist

I have a Master's degree in Fine Art, a teaching credential for the University level, and 32 years of professional experience as a Fine and Commercial artist.  Past clients have included Disney Creative Studios (multi-story acrylic wall sculpture), and SDSU’s Love Library (28 ft long horizontal installation-- the major piece for the library).     

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Additionally, I have extensive experience with environmental groups such as Patagonia producing fund-raising products for them.  As a vendor to the San Diego Zoo for 25 years, I painted many hundreds of animal and bird illustrations as well as designing over 60 products for them.  My experience includes architectural rendering,  photo real portraiture,  abstract painting and printmaking, as well as hundreds of large scale Tuscan and Plein Air landscapes.  My work has been shown in many galleries-- La Jolla, Del Mar, Newport Beach, Beverly Hills, and Palm Desert.  For my Corporate Fine Art in Southern California-- I was represented by Susan Street Fine Art, the Art Collector, and several independent designers.  My art is in  several magazines, and in the collections of hundreds of happy corporate and private collectors.  A more extensive biography is at the bottom of this page.                                                                                                                                     

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               What follows here is a collection of art that spans a 32 professional career.  Both the artwork and the artist have been through many transitions...

My New Contemporary Wall Sculpture "Ribbons"...


No other artist does anything like this work.  Can you see why I call them Ribbons?

Here I am in front of my newest Ribbon offering for 2020-- my white on white translucent mother of pearl finish.  The surface is like art glass-- GORGEOUS!  Elegant understated Minimalism.  Each piece is individually mounted on the wall— they can be rearranged into various configurations and are flexible-- yet extremely durable and light in weight.  Installation goes very quickly to securely mount them using the simplest of tools.   

My Ribbons are like LEGOS for the Walls....

These Ribbons are mounted on a curved surface

The perfect solution for curved surfaces and difficult design challenges...

This 21 foot long grouping of individual 7 foot long ribbons is in an exclusive Healthcare office space in La Jolla's Hyatt Regency.  The ribbons flexed easily to fit the curved wall.

Here I am in front of the 28 ft long wall sculpture for San Diego State University's Love Library.

San Diego State University Major Fine Art Installation

This 28 ft long grouping was placed in SDSU's Love Library and the dedication for the Library was done in front of it.  No other artist has ever been able to duplicate this work-- it is unique to me.  

“Art is a Symbolic Language”

One of the world’s greatest scholars, Dr Joseph Campbell, said: “Art is a Symbolic Language.”


Art— even if it is abstract— is referential somehow.

Art can be an inspiring stimulus, or, it can be visual clutter your brain cannot process.

In abstract art now there is a trend more towards the latter, unfortunately. (More about that later on my page on NeuroMarketing.)

Mindfully selecting your art:

I think of my Ribbons as visual prompts— primarily to bring a harmonious flow into the life of the collector.

These Ribbons can represent:

A musical phrase— your favorite piece of music…

Or~ a dance of Joie de Vivre… to inspire you and energize you

Or~ as sine waves of energy coming into matter…a “flow chart”

Or~ be symbolic of a relationship… a Pas de Deux

Or~ or a meaningful concept in your life

Or~ symbolic of your work— even a Logo

Or~ something more open ended such as just a love affair with beauty and elegance— that is manifest in the gorgeous colors and qualities of the art itself.

My art always has beauty in some way.

We all need beauty and meaning in our lives.

These ribbons can represent many things— and there is an opportunity for the collector to share in the creative process from the conception of the artwork. This is one of the most rewarding ways for both artist and collector to interact— the result being greater than the sum of it parts. 

The following is an example...


Residential Ribbon Arrangement Concept: "The Family Chi"


Of all the art I have done in 32 years-- Ribbons have been the most fun.  The reason is that the client gets to share in the creative process.  One dear client in La Jolla and I came up with the idea of the ribbon grouping to be called "The Family Chi".  This was a play on words:  Instead of the Family Tree-- we made up The Family Chi.  Chi being energy-- and in Asian culture how Chi moves needs to be efficient and harmonious for the best experience of Life.


So... each ribbon represented a member of the client's family.  We joked because Dad's was gold-- he made the money.  Mom's was her favorite color of green.  Each of the 3 children had some significance to their ribbon.  The ribbons revolved around each other in a beautiful and harmonious way.  Note how the two larger ribbons-- Mother and Father-- are also symbolic of Yin and Yang.  

 We all had so much fun during installation.  This was a two story space, too.  I will never forget the day after getting a call back from this dear client.  She said: "I just called you up to tell you have much I LOVE the Family Chi."               Still gives me a a little tear of happiness!

More about my Work...


A close up of the pigmented resin with beautiful depth and transparency...

I use actual 24K Gold Leafing.   Many colors and textures can be commissioned-- from luminous transparencies to the opaques. There is actual depth and transparency to the Ribbon surface. This work is time consuming and extremely difficult to do-- about like a photo real portrait.  I stopped doing it for about 15 years due to concerns about toxicity.  It cannot be done in mass production; now I must work outside and protect myself with a heavy respirator and huge fan.  At one stage in the work as the resin is cured-- there is heat and pressure involved-- with a time margin of just a few seconds!  It is a process I came up with on my  own, and it has never been duplicated by anyone.  I have never found anyone that can help me to do this.  It is truly Fine Art.  Once the process is completed-- no toxicity remains.  


How the Ribbons are easily mounted on the wall

A quick overview of how ribbons are mounted onto the wall:  after laying them flat on the floor on top of a sheet of plastic-- a basic design is created by moving each individual ribbon to fit the desired space shape.  Next, a magic marker tracing of the ribbons is made on the plastic.  Next, the plastic is taped onto the wall to visualize the design.  Adjustments to the design can easily be made at this point.  Then, the ribbons are individually "spring loaded" onto nails to secure them onto the plastic.  The plastic is pulled away to reveal the finished work.  Voila!  Art.   The entire process usually goes very quickly....


Choose just the right design that fits your unique space

I maintain a nice collection of white ribbon elements~ 

Yes there is a possibility of  "Instant Art".

I often can bring several ready made ribbons to your space to help visualize the possibilities.  Sometimes they are just exactly that the client is looking for.  Colors fit perfectly.  Do you need something more simple or complex?   Pricing is very reasonable on this newest offering of white pearl ribbons.  Please contact me for a quote: nc4art@gmail.com

These ribbons are extremely durable-- I have some that are over 25 years old-- that have been outside most of the time.  They still look new.  Many works can be installed outside -- if under an alcove.  They will not fade.  They are not fragile-- the white and the gold colors just fool you into thinking they are...

Monumental Wall Sculpture Layout Proposal


5 x 15 ft of white pearl and gold leafing Ribbons. Perfect for a curved surface in a contemporary setting-- Corporate, Hospitality, Residential, Sanctuary...


Alternative Layouts are Endless...


What are your needs for your space? Don't know? We can figure it out as we go along during the first look~see...

Details... Details... Details...


Transparent Ribbons.   These are perfect for my Water themed ribbon art.  See "Public Art..." 


Red Swash Design for a more lively presentation.  

The top white marble Ribbon:  You can just make out the imbedded leaf design.

Selected Artist's Biography

  •  Selected Fine Art Client List:
  • Disney Creative Studios, Burbank (3 stories)
  • San Diego State University (a 28 ft installation in the Love Library.  The Library Dedication was made in front of it)
  • Everen Securities, 2 San Diego Offices
  • Chang Restaurant, La Jolla,  San Diego
  • Kaiser Permanente, 4 locations
  • Jewish Community Center, San Diego, Chula Vista
  • Imperial Thrift and Loan, Del Mar
  • Centermark Corporation, San Diego
  • San Diego Water District
  • Sunland Development, La Jolla
  • Andrex Point, Burbank
  • Headquarters Companies, San Diego
  • Dr Michael Gordon, La Jolla
  • Duane and Lola Haggedon, Palm Desert
  • Dozens of Private Collections
  • 3 International Private Collections
  • Several Model Homes, Palm Desert

  • Selected Galleries and Showrooms, Past or Present:
  • Susan Street Fine Arts
  • The Art Collector (Now JVA Art Group)
  • The Desert Art Source Gallery, Palm Desert
  • Glez and Harkins Collection, El Paseo, Palm Desert
  • El Paseo Contemporary Fine Arts, Palm Desert
  • Newport Art Collection, Newport Beach
  • Art Du Jour, La Jolla
  • Beverly Fine Arts, Beverly Hills

  • Selected Shows:
  • Los Angeles Women’s Art Forum”, Santa Monica 1997
  • San Diego Museum of Art— “Arts Alive”, 1996, 2001
  • In Celebration of Women”, Ritz Carlton, Palm Desert, 1991 (3 person)
  • U.S. Tijuana Invitational, San Diego, 1989, Honorable Mention 
  •  (Juried by Howard N Fox, curator of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art)
  • I Person Show— The Desert Art Source, 2005

  • Selected Commercial Art Client List:
  • San Diego Zoo and San Diego Wild Animal Park: 
  •  25 years, 60 products, several hundred thousands of sales, 500 bird illustrations
  • Yosemite Park and Curry Company:  10 years, T-shirts, stationery, garment design, giftware
  • Patagonia Clothing Company: garment design
  • Sierra Club: garment design, coloring book
  • The Nature Company: garment design
  • Greenpeace: garment design
  • Leanin’ Tree ( 24 card line) 
  • Black Diamond Climbing Co: garment design
  • Adventure 16 Outdoor Outfitters: garment design
  • Lowe Alpine Equipment: garment design

  • Education:
  • M.F.A., San Diego State University, Summa Cum Laude, 1972-1978
  • Teaching Credential for the University Level
  • Fine Art Printmaking Major

Nancy C Henderson    DBA  Avant Graphics     

Established in 1978

$8,500.00 Appraisal from a Prominent Gallery