About My 32 Professional years as an Artist

I have a teaching credential for the University level and 32 years of professional experience as a Fine and Commercial artist. Past client has included Disney Creative Studios (multi story acrylic wall sculpture), SDSU’s Love Library.  (I have painted several photo real portraits, hundreds of large scale Tuscan and Plein Air landscapes, architectural rendering and of course abstract painting and printmaking. As a vendor to the San Diego Zoo for 25 years, I painted many hundreds of animal and bird illustrations as well as designing over 60 products for them. My work is in the collections of hundreds of happy corporate and private collectors. 

What follows here is a collection of art that spans a 32 professional career--both the artwork and the aertist have been through many transitions....


Here I am in front of my newest offering in 2019-- my white on white translucent mother of pearl finish.  The surface is like art glass-- gorgeous!  Each piece is individually mounted on the wall— they are like Legos— they can be rearranged into various configurations and are flexible yet extremely durable.

An overview of my unique Wall Sculpture...

These Ribbons are mounted on a curved surface

Like LEGOS for the walls... The perfect solution for curved surfaces and difficult design challenges...

This 21 foot long grouping of individual 7 foot long ribbons is in an exclusive office space in La Jolla's Hyatt Regency.

Here I am in front of the 28 ft long wall sculpture for San Diego State University's Love Library.

San Diego State University Installation

This 28 ft long grouping was placed in the Love Library and the dedication for the Library was done in front of it.  No other artist offers this kind of work-- it is unique to me.

Wall Jewelry Sculptures


Smaller fixed ribbon sculptures which have a single point of suspension-- ready to hang without installation by myself or a professional service  Available at select Jewelry Stores.  Custom designs available, with actual gold leafing and more elaborate and intricate folding.  These are my most difficult works to do hence a higher retail.  Prices from $2,000.00.

More about my Work


A close up of the pigmented resin with beautiful depth and transparency...

Actual Gold Leafing is availalble.  Many colors and textures can be commissioned.


How the Ribbons are easily mounted on the wall

A quick overview of how ribbons are mounted onto the wall:  after laying them flat on a sheet of plastic on the floor-- a basic design is created by moving each individual ribbon to fit the desired space shape.  Next, a magic marker tracing of the ribbons on the plastic is taped  onto the wall to visualize the design.  Adjustments to the design can be made at this point.  Then, the ribbons are individually spring loaded onto nails to secure them onto the plastic.  The plastic is pulled away to reveal the finished work.


Choose just the right design that fits your unique space

I often can bring ready made ribbons to your space to help visualize the possibilities.  Do you need something more simple or complex?   Pricing is very reasonable on this newest offering...

A grouping of up to 4 7 foot ribbons for under $2,000.00 -- which includes a designer consideration.

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