Advertising Jingles are Mantras-- your "Internal Parrot"

San Diego Brain Injury Foundation...

A Valuable Resource!

 I am proud to support the San Diego Brain Injury Foundation though the sales of my artwork:

The San Diego Brain Injury Foundation has been a valuable resource for me following a mild brain injury (TBI) from two motor vehicle accidents: in 2001 (T-boned by a 16 year old driver/major damage ) and 2013 (slammed at 35mph while stopped).

With the support of medical staff at UCSD, including my Neurologist Dr Erik Viirre, and Pain Clinic Osteopath Dr Amelia Eastman, I work very hard to keep my neck and jaw pain, vertigo, migraines, tinnitus, hyperacusis and right arm injury on a manageable level. 

So— optimal brain health is very important to me and I have made great strides in supporting my physical and mental brain health. I am a success story— a survivor— and hope to be able to share my knowledge with others though special art projects for others with TBI supported by charities and foundations.

Please contact me to see how you can benefit/help facilitate.

Here is a link to a very interesting page on the SDBIF site about 72 Brain Facts pertinent to NeuroMarketing:   

* “Technology has forced most of us to be prodigious multitaskers. But your brain can’t learn or concentrate on two things at once. What it can do is quickly toggle back and forth between tasks. But doing so decreases your attention span, ability to learn, short-term memory, and overall mental performance.”

*“There are almost 200 known cognitive biases and distortions that cause us to think and act irrationally.”

*“Of the thousands of thoughts a person has every day, it’s estimated that 70% of this mental chatter is negative — self-critical, pessimistic, and fearful.”

*“Think you’re in control of your life? Don’t be so sure. Ninety-five percent of your decisions take place in your subconscious mind.”

Personal Art and Impersonal Art:

We need both Intimacy and also to have our privacy...

Have you noticed that on posts and blogs, the comments section can get pretty snippy?

When I can't find an answer for something-- particularly human behavior, I have this past few years attributed it to two factors:


           It is a Survival Mechanism


           It is because we live in a Universe of Duality.

So, my opinion on why we need intimacy in the Media, and yet we need to be private-- (think of two kids sitting next to each other and texting)-- is because of BOTH of the above.

We need to establish social order, a hierarchy-- and this is a survival mechanism.

But being human, living in a Universe which is governed by polar opposites repelling and attracting each other- we are driven by conflicting thoughts we need to somehow process.

Hierarchy of Needs-- a Postulate:

  • 1: Food and Shelter  

  • 2: Social Status (via costuming/wearable trophies)

  • 3: Finding a Mate...

  • 4: The Nest and the Nesting Urge

  • The Urge to Trophy, etc...