Corona Virus: We Are All In This Together!


Let's keep our heads on straight...

Additional Info to Support your Health during the Pandemic

FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE-- search these Doctors I trust:

 several entries on COVID

                  Look at: Ozone Therapy....

          Dr Mark Hyman -- several entries on COVID.-19

Immune System Basics and Economics to search:

Dr John Ioannidis of Stanford University:  Perspectives on the Pandemic 

Perspectives on the Pandemic | Professor Knut Wittkowski | Episode 2

Perspectives on the Pandemic | Professor Knut Wittkowski | Episode 2

Dr VA Shiva  Ayyadurai 

Websites and People to Search with COVID:

Weston A Price Foundation   Traditional Foods

Tom Cowan,MD

Neurosurgeon Jack Kruse:  "Sunlight, Water and Magnetism"

"Every day for the rest of your life watch the sunrise for 20 minutes"

Ari Whitten-- Energy Blueprint  (Good Podcasts)

      Search VA Shiva, Sara Myhill


     Dial in your sleep with Dr Parks' suggestions. 

     Hot/cold shower and bath therapy.  Take saunas if you can.  Search Energy Blueprint and Sauna for great info.

More on the Stress Response:

See the "SELL Danger Response" on the Neuromarketing page

What we can learn from Native Americans about Breathing

A book published in 1891 about the importance of nasal breathing day and night...

George Catlin's Book: "Shut Your Mouth and Save Your Life"


My 2009 Article published by the Weston A Price Foundation


"100 Years before Weston Price...The Observations of George Catlin--"

George Catlin was a portrait painter who spent 30 years studying 150 tribes in North and South America-- and made stunning comments relevant to the Corona Virus outbreak today:

You must be able to breathe through your nose both day and night in order to be healthy and have healthy children.  Weston Price showed that the cranial structure of all sustainable Native populations included a wide enough palate for all 32 potential teeth to come in straight.  This created optimum nasal passage ways which allowed for optimal ability to breathe nasally.  In our modern society- only 4% of us have enough room for our wisdom teeth-- and as a result we have crooked teeth, and smaller airways which create breathing problems such as mouth breathing, snoring, sleep apnea and more.  

More to come...

Downloadable Files -- hopefully soon:

         How to Walk and Breathe at the Same Time

         Hormesis-- a Crash Course

         Don't Be Lunch:

                   Parasites and Pathogens are a part of Nature

                   The LAST thing you want to do: Stay inside, lay around

                    overeat carbs, and worry

         Your Health is Your Greatest Wealth

         If you have money-- do these things....

              Air Filtration

              Naturopathic Dr's Recommendations

                      My ND-- a plug and his site

         Mold Story-- When the Toxins do the Talking

         Your Body is like a Car-- things must process

         Borrow My Grandmother~ learn to Hum

         Take Two Chopin Nocturnes and Check in with Me in the Morning

Photo Gallery


         For Climbers on Lyme and other bugs....

         Ayur Vedic Body Types-- some of the most useful information I have learned

         My thoughts on the Bigger Picture: 

                  Conversations with Duality

                  Simpler than Zen 

                  Lifestyle-- What is Most Important in Life

Sugar Blues History Lesson 

          Sugar Addiction Flow Chart

          The best way to create a repeat customer is to turn them into an addict

          The Best Rat Bait Ever-- Not Toxic-- using the sugar you need to throw away

Corona Virus and the Zen of Art 

My UCSD Immunologist's Letter re: CVID Impact

Chronic Low White Blood Cell typical of CVID Low Immunity

2014 Coco's Fire Damage Photo Montage

In 4 years after the Coco's Fire: 14 High Arsenic Tests

By year 5, I had 2 more High Arsenic Tests

Scary Photo of Me after Mold/Arsenic Damage!

The Effect of Mold and Structural Issues on Breathing

More on Posture...

Additional Information

Ester Gokhale: traditional ways to correct forward head posture     

Forward head posture creates a huge stress in the body!  Work on correcting this -- it is essential as you age.  iNeck will be a rampant disorder-- it already is-- along with iSight.